Sale of real estate and rentals

If you are thinking of buying real estate in Spain, you should know that this is also a good option if you are also a foreigner and are interested in obtaining continuous residence in Spain.

For this reason, from our office we can offer different properties, adapted to your needs, and take care of the entire legal process of transfer and adjudication of the property.

We advise you if you also want to develop business in Spain; guiding you and offering practical solutions so that the process of co-purchase and adjudication of the property is fluid and efficient.

Specialized in foreign clients, we have professionals who can communicate in the following languages: Spanish, English, Russian, Danish, Norwegian and German, so that they understand your language in all processes.

We accompany you in the presentation of all types of process in the Embassy itself if you need it.

You just fill in the following form, tell us what you want and immediately an advisor will contact you;